Hale halawai ma Ka’onohi

Mahalo ke akua manaloa..uhane hemolele a me iesu!! Today was a monumental day for Ka’onohi. This sight had a huge towering invasive water sucking tree. A ficus which is a type of banyan. Huge and getting bigger. We removed the tree and are replacing it with a traditional hale (house) in this case a hale halawai which is a community structure for gathering and learning. Huge blessing today. To work with friends and ohana. We had friends from O’ahu, Kauai and lanai.

Mahalo to lush cosmetics, KUA, uncle palani all those who came from outer island n on island, my Kakoo for HHIK and my ohana for making this possible. Most of all mahalo to the man above. Tomorrow we work somemore to put in rest of posts and finish front and rest of back wall.


Ho’ola hou ia Kalauao swag!

Aloha aina! Just picked these up fresh off da press to rep our non proffit arm, Ho’ola hou ia Kalauao. You spoke and we heard. Here are the different colors we have in style that the majority voted for. Please show your support spread the word. If your ordered one , we got it ready for pick up.. if you haven’t, get um while they hot! Ho’ola hou ia Kalauao is in the heart of ka’onohi , and aims to restore native habitat, native forest trees and plants and hold space for the community to have a kipuka to aloha aina in the urban spral. Eventually the work will spread through the rest of kalauao..Your support helps these efforts to continue. Mahalo nui to Mahi La Pierre for the meaningful design and to Eric Acio for printing it up.

Please contact us to order one of these hats mahalo nui


Aloha aina!! E kala mai (excuse me)

Its been quite some time since I have updated this website. I habe been workibg realy hard and staying busy with the community and some core supporters of our work.

Some exciting things in store for 2018! Im going to do my best to continue to update this blog and keep it as relevant as possible. But 1st before I go any further I would like to mahalo ke akua manaloa! Thank God and our haku jesus, for all the provisions and blessing in life! My ohana without whome i could not do the work I do. More than any other my okdest son Josiah Leialoha Deluze.

My Core team who have helped me grow in areas that are sometime uncomfortable for me but necessary for growth.These core members are Miwa Tamanaha , Kamu Enos, Kim Moa ,Erika Vargas, Uncle Wally Ito , Laurie Au.

Would also like to acknowledge and mahalo Hawai’i people’s fund, KUA, Islander institute, Lauren Nahme and the Kamehameha schools strategic and innovations team.

Would like to also thank Lush cosmetics charity pot for recently blessibg us with a substantial grant to build a traditional hale on site as well as continue the restoration of native trees and removalof invasive trees that the Hawai’i peoples fund has helped us with over the last 4 grant cycles.

Would like to also mahalo 2 uncles who have been dear to me and vital in the way I think and carry myself and work… rest in love Anakala Jerry Konanui and Anakala Henry Chang wo.

Please keep posted as updates come in for the things going on at Ka’onohi.

Me ke aloha nui

Anthony Kawika Deluze

Mahi’ai o Ka’onohi, Kalauao, Ewa, O’ahu


Kulolo fundraiser.

Aloha aina,

This passed week we did our 1st run of what we will try to keep as an ongoing fundraiser , most likely bi or tri monthly.

With the help of some of our die hard core supporters (a few of whom hail from KUA and Islanders Institute ) we made some ono and pono 100% organic kulolo w/ 2/3 or the ingredients grown right on site!

We made 2 batches, one with a mix of Lehua, Maea, and Nihopu’u  varieties of kalo, and the other with the majority being the variety Lauloa ke’oke’o with a small mix of lauloa ‘ele’ele ‘oma’o, and Lauloa Palakea Papamu.

The coconut milk was made from scratch. Grated and squeezed out the old school way for pure coconut milk. Huuuuh, no can be beat!!  The kulolo was a huge success and was sold out very quickly with more people wanting to still purchase some.

Want to give a huge mahalo to Joshua , Alex , Jenn, Uncle wally , Matt , Brudda Johnathan and the Moa ohana for making this a huge success. Not to mention all of you who ordered and supported us, without whom, we would have just had  one huge pile of some mean kulolo to our selves.. (hey, maybe that might not have been so bad , ah? JK.)

Special recognition to Down to Earth Pearlridge for supporting us and donating all of the Organic brown sugar we needed to make this a success. All proceeds are going towards operation costs so that we can continue the work we have been to make sure indigenous knowledge , practices and place are not lost in the moku of ewa.

We hope to do this fundraiser again in November and will keep you all posted.

Me ke aloha a me ka ha’a’ha’a.


Aloha Aina!

Aloha mai kakou!

Mahalo for visiting our website. I created this web page to create more awareness about what we are doing in Ka’onohi, Kalauao, Ewa , O’ahu. Also as a means to keep those who follow us or are already acquainted with our work , to keep up to date.

For the most part , daily work is a one man operation, assisted by my hiapo. So , I will try my best to stay current and up to date on posts in this blog as I can with my super human strengths!! hehe ( i dont really have those, duh) hehe

Been doing this now at this site for about 6years and have only now been getting this technical kine tingz down, so in addition to current events and news on ka’onohi, I will try to set aside a day for past happ’nens here as we transitioned to where we going now.

So for now , welcome to my humble website. Feel free to hang around and check back from time to time to see whats new, how you can support us, our vision and purchase some cool things.

please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to support some how.

Me ke aloha

Proverbs 16:3  Commit your works unto the LORD, and your thoughts shall be established.

He aliʻi ka ʻāina; he kauwā ke kanaka.

The land is a chief; man is its servant.
Land has no need for man, but man needs the land and works it for a livelihood.
-ʻOlelo Noʻeau,531, Pukui

Historical sites of Hawaiʻi should not be exploited but preserved for cultural