Hale halawai ma Ka’onohi

Mahalo ke akua manaloa..uhane hemolele a me iesu!! Today was a monumental day for Ka’onohi. This sight had a huge towering invasive water sucking tree. A ficus which is a type of banyan. Huge and getting bigger. We removed the tree and are replacing it with a traditional hale (house) in this case a hale halawai which is a community structure for gathering and learning. Huge blessing today. To work with friends and ohana. We had friends from O’ahu, Kauai and lanai.

Mahalo to lush cosmetics, KUA, uncle palani all those who came from outer island n on island, my Kakoo for HHIK and my ohana for making this possible. Most of all mahalo to the man above. Tomorrow we work somemore to put in rest of posts and finish front and rest of back wall.


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