Kulolo fundraiser.

Aloha aina,

This passed week we did our 1st run of what we will try to keep as an ongoing fundraiser , most likely bi or tri monthly.

With the help of some of our die hard core supporters (a few of whom hail from KUA and Islanders Institute ) we made some ono and pono 100% organic kulolo w/ 2/3 or the ingredients grown right on site!

We made 2 batches, one with a mix of Lehua, Maea, and Nihopu’u  varieties of kalo, and the other with the majority being the variety Lauloa ke’oke’o with a small mix of lauloa ‘ele’ele ‘oma’o, and Lauloa Palakea Papamu.

The coconut milk was made from scratch. Grated and squeezed out the old school way for pure coconut milk. Huuuuh, no can be beat!!  The kulolo was a huge success and was sold out very quickly with more people wanting to still purchase some.

Want to give a huge mahalo to Joshua , Alex , Jenn, Uncle wally , Matt , Brudda Johnathan and the Moa ohana for making this a huge success. Not to mention all of you who ordered and supported us, without whom, we would have just had  one huge pile of some mean kulolo to our selves.. (hey, maybe that might not have been so bad , ah? JK.)

Special recognition to Down to Earth Pearlridge for supporting us and donating all of the Organic brown sugar we needed to make this a success. All proceeds are going towards operation costs so that we can continue the work we have been to make sure indigenous knowledge , practices and place are not lost in the moku of ewa.

We hope to do this fundraiser again in November and will keep you all posted.

Me ke aloha a me ka ha’a’ha’a.



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